Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sleeper coach journey without reservation on train

Sleeper coach journey without reservation

Every time it is not possible to get train reservation tickets. Particularly, in festive and summer seasons. Booking a ticket for the train is hard. Most of the people don't know the difference between online reservation ticket and booking at reservation counter. There are some advantages over the e-ticketing for the reservations at the station. By just following this trick, you will have the journey on any sleeper coach without reservation.

Journey in sleeper coach without Reservation

train counter ticket benefits
  1. Open IRCTC website check trains for your journey route.
  2. Select your convenient train from the listed trains and check for seat availability.
  3. If that has waiting list tickets, then book on online and go to nearest reservation counter.
  4. Take the reservation form and fill the journey details along with train name and number which you prefer.
  5. Submit your form and get waiting list ticket with any number (waiting list size doesn't matter).
  6. As per Indian Railways, online booked waiting list tickets will be canceled once chart got prepared.But counter ticket advantage is it is valid for your sleeper coach journey.Counter ticket can't be canceled anymore.
  7. With this simple trick, you can travel in sleeper coach without any reservation ticket.

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