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6 Important Places to Visit Around Tirumala

visiting places in tirumala

Tirumala is the spiritual and holy place, and famous for Lord Venkateswara.everyday lakhs of people stands in the queue for Darshan.many people returns to their home after got darshan.However, there are many other visiting places in Tirumala.

Japali Theertham

japali Hanuman temple is one of the famous temples which is located Tirumala.Here there is one pond called Rama Kund.This place is believed as Lord Hanuman he got peace of mind.Histories says that Lord Rama and Sita stayed here along with Hanuman.Devotees strongly believe that water of japali can remove their sins which they have done previously.

japali thertham in tirumala

Sila Thoranam

Sila Throranam also called as a Natural arch which is near to chakra theertham.this is precisely located to 1 KM away from Lord Venkateswara temple.Here the two separate rocks are connected with the tenuous link.this is a very rare site in the entire world.This rock has 1.5 million years history.

sila thoranam tirumala

SV Museum

Sri Venkateswara Museum is a Hall of antiques.Here they exhibit historical collections such as temple architectures, idols, puja items.Moreover, here devotees can visit original copper plates which were Annamayya used.This museum also has a meditation center for visitors.

SV museum Tirumala

SV museum Tirumala

akasa Ganga

Akasha Ganga is a beautiful waterfall which is located in Tirumala.this is near to the main temple(approx. 5 KM).people can enjoy here during rainy season.devotees are allowed to take a dip in the water.Fall comes from the upper side of the mountain.this is gives you great experience in life.

akasha ganga tirumala


papa Vinasanam is a very famous place to visit in Tirumala.devotees believe that bathing in this water will wash away your all sins and problems which were you have in your life.this place looks more beautiful in rainy season.people can reach here by TTD free bus service or any taxi. this is located on the way of Akasha Ganga.

Papavinasanam in tirumala

Venugopala Swami Temple

Venugopala Swami Temple is very Famous and powerful temple in Tirumala Tirupati.this is the place of Hatiram Babaji played a dice game with Lord. Here the idol of Lord Krishna as Venugopala Swami is very rare and the temple has the great architecture to attract visitors.this is an ancient temple in Tirumala.people can visit this temple on the way to Akasha Ganga.

venu gopala swami temple tirumala

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