Friday, February 24, 2017

Different Types of Darshan Available in Tirumala

Tirumala is a very famous holy place for Lord Venkateswara temple.Devotees come to Tirumala from around the world to get darshan.So it will take around 6-7 hours for darshan.So TTD facilitated with different types of darshan for devotees.knowing below darshan types will help you to get quick darshan of Lord Balaji.

Sarva Darshan 

this is free darshan for everyone.devotees after reaching Sarva darshan entrance, then they will be moved to locked they need wait 3-5 hours depends on the rush at tirumala.this darshan will take lots of time when compared with all other darshan in Tirumala.

Dress Code:  Not Required
Darshan Time: 5-7 Hours
Darshan Token: No Need
No. Laddus: 1 Laddu /person

Divya Darshan(devotees By walk from Allipiri/Srivaari Steps)

this darshan newly introduced by TTD for pedestrians who reach Tirumala by Allipiri /Srivaari steps route.this darshan will take less time for darshan compares to Sarva Darshan.devotees should give fingerprint scan for darshan token.

Dress Code: Not Required
Darshan Time: 4-5 Hours(from Tirumala)
DarshanToken: Issues at Gali Gopuram viaAllipiri / Issues at 1200th step via Srivaari Steps 
No. Laddus: 2 Free Laddu /person

Seegra Darshan(Quick Darshan)

To get this darshan, the devotee should pay 300 rupees per ticket via online TTD website.Create profile an account and provide your photocopy and aadhaar card to book quick darshan tickets or any seva tickets.devotees should reach quick darshan entrance in report time which you have on will take very less time and separate darshan queue.

Dress Code: Pancha/Dhoti with paijama for Gents, saree/ half saree or churidar for ladies
Darshan Time: 2-4 Hours(from Tirumala)
DarshanToken: Book slot from TTD Online portal 
No. Laddus: 2 Free Laddu /person

VIP Break Darshan

This is darshan for VIP's only.Judges, govt.Higher officials, celebrities, MLA, MP, Ministers, TTD employees and their family members will come under this category.there are 3 types of VIP darshan.Other than VIP person can get this darshan by any MLA, MP, Minister or any VIP reference letters.Follow below link for more details. 

Special Darshan(Physically Handicapped or Senior Citizens)

TTD introduced this darshan facility for senior citizens and Physically disabled people concern.This service will be available in two different slots at 10 AM, and 3PM.they will be sent through special darshan queue.This darshan will take very very less time.One more benefit with
this darshan is another person(should be relative) can also be allowed along with senior citizen or handicapped.devotees should submit their certificates/ID proofs before 2 Hours of Darshan.Devotees who benefited this darshan will not avail again till 90 days.

Timings:10 am/3pm
Darshan Time: 2-3 Hours(from Tirumala)
Dress Code: Pancha/Dhoti with pajamas for Gents, saree/ half saree or churidar for ladies.

Special darshan/Infant Entry Darshan(parents with below 1-year child)

This darshan is only available for parents who want get darshan along with their below the 1-year old child.This darshan queue will be move with no more push pulls.TTD main aim with this darshan is child safety.Both father and mother will be allowed for this darshan.No more additional members are not allowed along with them.

Note: it is Better to carry birth certificate/any age proof of child.

Entrance: Supadham
Timings:12 pm-6 pm
Darshan Time: 2-3 Hours(from Tirumala)
Dress Code: Pancha/Dhoti with paijama for Gents, saree/ half saree or churidar for ladies.

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