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Must Visit Places Inside Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala

visit inside the Lord Venkateswara temple in tirumala

Everyday lakhs of people visits Tirumala Lord Sri Venkateswara temple regardless of their religions.this is the richest temple among other temples in India.People come here to get darshan of Lord Balaji from entire the world.but many of the devotees are not aware of must watch places inside the temple of Lord Venkateswara Tirumala.

Sri Krishna Thulabaram

Sri Krishna Thulabaram is weigher for pilgrims to offer vows (Mokkubadi).People offers God to give their weight of something(their Jaggery, silver, gold, etc.lord).this Thulabaram has a story of Sri Krishna.we can find this at the entrance temple left-hand side.

Ananthalwar Gaddapara (Iron Crowbar)

Ananthalwar was a great devoteeLordSri Venkateswara.everyday he does flower service to the day he decided to grow a flower garden on Tirumala hills near to the temple.Ananthalwar took a vow to complete this work by would be done by him and his wife only.

He starts digging the earth for well.Lord decided to help them after Watching their hard work and clean-devoted he appears as a boy and starts helping his wife to throw mud seeing this, Ananthalwar got angry and throws his crowbar to the boy.that crowbar hits that boy's chinchin.then that boy disappears from there.

after finishing the garden work, Ananthlwar goes to the temple to offer worship.there he noticed that lord idol chin got hurt and bleeding continuously.then Ananthalwar got realized that boy is a lord  Venkateswara and he immediately rubs with camphor to stop bleeding.
We can see this original crowbar at the temple entrance. 

Bangaru Bhavi (Golden Well)

this is the oldest well which is coated with gold.this water only used for lord Venkateswara abhishekam.this well was dug at the time of king Sri Krishnadevaraya.

Vaikunta Vakili

here we can find lord Vishnu reposing on Adhishesa it is situated next to the Ananda Nilayam.this is the place where lord used get relax.

Ananda Nilayam

we can see Ananda Nilayam at the entrance of BangaruVakili (Golden Gateway).we see here goddess Lakshmi, Vinayaka, Surya Bhagavan and Vimana Venkateswara idols on the top of Ananda Nilayam.


Tirumala Balaji will get lakhs of offered money from devotees.those money will be count here.there are two rooms is Coin Parakamani which is used to count coins here and another one is Notes Parakamani to count notes.

Temple First Pillar

At the time of Sri Krishna deva Raya kingdom, he constructed Tirumala Tirupathi we can see the first pillar of the temple.devotees believe that doing 3 Pradhakshana will give moksha in your life.

Vakula Mata Devi

Vakula Mata is the mother of lord Venkateswara.he is situated at Prasadam making room.we can see this after darshan of lord Balaji.devotees says that Vakula Mata Dei watches making qualities of Naivedya and Prasadam from there.after the darshan of lord, we must get her darshan also.

Vimana Venkateswara Swami

On the top of Ananda Nilayam which is coated with gold, we can see there Vimana Venkateswara in highlighted silver stories say, every day all the gods and goddess comes for darshan of Venkateswara.but from early morning itself he is busy with his as per goddess request he stayed as Vimana Venkateswara at the top of Ananda Nilaya.

Parimala Stone

Parimala Stone is sandal rubbing stone for lord Venkateswara puja.devotees believes that writing their loved one names here will give good health for them.

Kubera Sthanam

As everyone knows that Kubera god has given money as borrow to the lord Venkateswara for his marriage.inside temple near to the Hundi, we can see Kubera Swami on top of Ananda Nilayam from Kubera Sthanam.peoples believe that by sitting here will get good wealth in their life.

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