Saturday, March 11, 2017

Natural Weight Loss More than 20 Kgs in Three Months

Natural weight loss in three months

When you are working on weight loss, then it can help to get motivated by the people who have lost excess weight.

What changes did you make to your diet?
I stopped carbohydrates (rice) completely and ate only vegetables, boiled eggs, chicken, fish, and fruits. My Mother was a big source of support, as she would cook the vegetables separately for me. While cutting down on oil, sugar, and salt, eating bland food was not a problem because I use a small amount of spice in the food. I do not crave unhealthy food because I allow myself a small portion once in a while. My diet is entirely natural and I do not take any supplements. I did not want to have any severe food restrictions, because it may become difficult later on, to continue the same plan.

What exercises did you take up?
I started working out for at least one hour daily in the morning, and now, my exercise routine is a minimum of 1.5 hours a day at home. I focus on cardio (walking, jogging, and running) and do the plank exercise as an added benefit.

How do you stick to your diet during team outings?
During team outings, I try to eat the healthiest foods, such as salads and vegetables, and less of the unhealthy items. In the office, I drink water as often as possible.

What are your future goals?
Now that I have lost as much weight as I want, I am now aiming towards fitness, by following the same workout and diet routine for the next three months.

At a glance – changes in food and exercise

food diet plan for weight loss
food diet plan for weight loss

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