Sunday, March 05, 2017

Japali Thertham History and Location in Tirumala

Japali Sri Anjaneya Swami temple is the famous temple which is located in Tirumala.This place where Lord Hanuman in meditation posture for peace of mind and devotees believed that Lord Sri Rama and Sita stayed here for some time along with Hanuman.Japali theertham situated approximately 5 km far from the Tirumala temple.Devotees can reach japali theertham by bus or taxi service.

We can find this temple on ways of Akasha Ganga and PapaVinasanam.The journey will be pleasant in the forest route and awful at night time. Nature lovers can enjoy the journey as forest route attracts you. Here, We can see naturally formed a shape of Lord Vinayaka shape on a tree.

Japali Thertham Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple

Here, in front of the Hanuman temple, there is a pond called Rama Kund.devotees heartily believes that the water of japali can clear and wash out their sins and problems which they have done in previously.Visit this temple at least once in your trip of time is preferable to feel and enjoy this place.
Japali Thertham in Tirumala
Japali Thertham in Tirumala

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