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How To Book A Room in Tirumala Easily

booking room in tirumala

Booking room in Tirumala becomes easier than before.but devotees and pilgrims are should remember few tips before booking room online.TTD facilitated online room booking on their official website ( ).click on TTD online accommodation option to check rooms availability. it is always preferable to book a room(s) at least before 2 months.

Types of Rooms And Cost

Pilgrim can book a room before 60 days from required date.if you have already an account in TTD Online Seva, log in with your mail Id and password.if you don't have an account then just register with your details using any one of your identity cards.

There are different rooms with different cost like Rs.50,100,500,600,1500.all the rooms are non-Ac only except Rs.1500 Rooms(in fact there is no need of Ac in Tirumala).regaurdless of cost there are only 2 beds available in every room.The minimum number of persons should be more than one and maximum should be 6 per each room.

room in tirumala

How To extend Stay In Tirumala Room

Due to Heavy Crowd in Tirumala, TTD allows any pilgrim to book a room for only 24 hours.if anyone needs to extend their room validity then they can stay for next day with paying additional day charge at that time of vacating.if anyone stayed more than 2 days they should pay extra 100% as fine.

Where to Get Room Number in Tirumala

book a TTD online accommodation and carry a copy while going to Tirumala.Tirumala rooms are used to issue at C.R.O office near spatha Giri.this office provide different services like room allocation, lottery Tickets, Seva Tickets etc.

Where To get Room Keys in Tirumala

At C.R.O offices they will check your booked room details and gives you a slip with cottage name and room number.reach to the cottage which is allocated to you.there you can find one office at the building entrance.there they will give you room keys with verifying count and Id cards.

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  1. is there any private accommodation in Tirumala ?

    1. Sorry sir,there is private accommodation in tirumala.

  2. what is the difference between Rs.100 and Rs.500 Rooms in Tirumala?

  3. how many people can stay in Rs.50 rooms?

  4. is there any hotels in Tirumala hills near the temple ?

    1. on starting point of tirumaala there a place called Allipiri.there you can find hotels.

  5. Can i get selected location for rooms because there aged persons who cannot walk