Monday, May 29, 2017

Difference Between GNWL and RLWL Tickets in IRCTC

 Between GNWL and RLWL

Indian railway provides waiting list tickets if seats are not available on any train.There are different waiting list categories in Indian railways.

GNWL (General Waiting List): this is most common waiting list category in IRCTC.GNWL tickets issued to the passenger who gives their boarding station as train starting station or nearest station from origin station.This type of waiting list tickets has more chances to get confirmed.

RLWL (Remote Location Waiting List): If These category tickets issued to the passengers who book a ticket for an intermediate station.If a train is traveling to 1-10 stations, and a passenger booked a ticket to travel between 4-7 station.This category waiting list tickets categorized as RLWL.Because usually, these are the most important cities&stations on that particular route.Confirmations will depend on the cancellations of an already confirmed ticket.There are fewer chances of confirmation.

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